9 Historic Sites in North Carolina Worth Visiting This Summer


9 Historic Sites in North Carolina Worth Visiting This Summer

9 Historic Sites in North Carolina Worth Visiting This Summer

The Hill House: A Historic Site

The Hill House is located in Hertford County, North Carolina and was built in 1892. The house is a three-story wood frame structure with a gabled roof. It has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1984.

The house is said to be haunted by the ghost of Sarah Hill, who died in the house in 1917. Visitors have reported hearing strange noises, seeing apparitions, and feeling cold spots.

The Old Mint: A Historic Site

The Old Mint is a historic site in Charlotte, North Carolina. The building was completed in 1838 and served as the city’s first official mint from that year until 1907. The Old Mint also served as the home of the Charlotte Mint Museum from 1955 to 2002. Today, the building is used for ceremonial purposes and exhibitions. It is open to the public from May through September.

The Old Mint was designed by architect Thomas Ustick Walter and was built at a cost of $135,000. The main features of the building include a copper roof, cupola, and facade decorated with Corinthian columns and pilasters. In addition to its use as a mint, the Old Mint also served as the seat of government for Charlotte from 1851 to 1861 during the American Civil War.

Today, visitors can explore the building’s interior including its grand hall which features an elaborate coffered ceiling and marble floors. They can also visit galleries that display coins, medals, currency, stamps, military items, jewelry, artworks and memorabilia from Charlotte’s history.

Colonial Hall: A Historic Site

Colonial Hall is a historic site in Wilmington, North Carolina. The structure was built between 1753 and 1755 as part of the rural estate of James Iredell, one of North Carolina’s first judges and later one of the state’s most eminent politicians. It was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1960. Colonial Hall is now a museum operated by the State of North Carolina.

Fort Raleigh National Historic Site: A Historic Site

Fort Raleigh National Historic Site is a historic site located in Morrisville, North Carolina. The fort was established in 1752 by the British and defended the Yadkin River during the French and Indian War. In 1781, General John Ashe led a successful siege of the fort that resulted in its capture by American forces. The fort is open to visitors year-round and features exhibits on its history as well as tours of the living quarters and artillery batteries.

Eastern State Penitentiary: A Historic Site

Eastern State Penitentiary is a historic site located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was established in 1790 and is the only known remaining example of an American penitentiary. The prison served as a model for other prisons throughout the United States. Eastern State Penitentiary is now a museum operated by the Eastern State Penitentiary Museum Association.

Hyde Park on the Eno River: A Historic Site

Hyde Park on the Eno River is a historic site in Gaston County, North Carolina. The park was established in 1875 and includes 30 acres (12 ha) of gardens and natural areas. The park is open year-round, and features a visitor center with exhibits about the park’s history and nature. A number of events are held at the park throughout the year, including concerts in the summer and fall, family festivals, and Christmas tree lighting ceremonies.

North Carolina Museum of Art:A Historical Site

The North Carolina Museum of Art is one of the most important art museums in the country, and it’s located in downtown Raleigh. It was founded in 1887, and during its history it has been through a lot of changes. Today, it’s home to some of the world’s most renowned art collections, including pieces by Rembrandt, Monet, Picasso, and Matisse.

If you’re looking for a place to explore while in North Carolina this summer, the Museum of Art should definitely be on your list. Not only does it have an impressive collection of art, but there are also plenty of events and activities happening throughout the year that make it worth visiting. So whether you’re looking to brush up on your knowledge about classic paintings or explore new works that haven’t yet been displayed in public, the Museum of Art is definitely worth checking out.

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