Techpally infer Requirements for Online event set-up


Techpally infer Requirements for Online event set-up

Virtual requirements for Online event events are easier than ever before, and with the right tools, you can set up online meetings easily, and let participants contribute to the event successfully.

For a virtual event organizer, there are some requirements to planning your event.

Here today, I’d like to discuss some of the important steps of starting and joining a virtual meeting.


Technical requirements/preparation


We recommend downloading the “Zoom Client for Meetings” application on the device you want to use at the event.

After installation, the program will open automatically. You have the option of creating a user profile, but this is not necessary to participate in the event.

If possible, use Google Chrome as the browser for the download. Internet Explorer may encounter errors, says Chaktty.

Although there are online events pros and cons, and each online meeting tool has its advantages and disadvantages, the benefits is still more than the drawbacks.

 If possible, install the application before the actual event date.

This step only needs to be performed once. The next time you log in, the program will open automatically.


Alternative to installation

Alternatively, you can participate in the event via the web browser without downloading the application. 

However, this has the disadvantage that you can only see one discussion participant at a time. 

All you have to do is click on the link you received from the NZZ and follow the instructions in your browser window.


Technical requirements

You can join the event using a computer, laptop, mobile phone or tablet. 

Make sure that you have installed the “Zoom Client for Meetings” app on your desired device.

For a pleasant event experience, Techpally recommend using the strongest possible internet connection. Otherwise, there may be interruptions due to the transmission of videos. 

Test your headphones in advance for the best viewing experience. 

Attend online event 

link to participate

Before the event, you will receive an email from the NZZ with the link to participate in the online event. 

This link is unique to you and cannot be shared. Please also check your junk email. 


Join event

A few minutes before the start of the event, you can click on the link in the email to join the online event

If you have installed the «Zoom» app, your computer will ask you if you want to open Zoom. Click on «Open zoom».

Then click on «Join the audio via computer».

If you have not installed the app, please follow the instructions in the browser (ideally: Google Chrome ).


Start of the event

You can join 5 minutes before the start of the event. If you log in earlier, you will be prompted to wait until the event officially opens. In this case, please be patient, business pally.

You will not be able to see the participants via video until the official start of the event.


During the event

Your microphone is automatically muted during the event. 

You can use the “Question & Answer” function in the tool to submit questions, which may then be recorded during the conversation. 

The quality of the transmission may depend on your internet.

 Please ensure that you are attending the event using a stable, strong internet connection.

During the event you will see the following two functions. You can submit your questions via Q&A. The chat function is disabled.


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