Townson rose funeral home obituaries


Townson rose funeral home obituaries

Townson rose funeral home obituaries

To provide the directional information prices estimates and are only intended? Making purchase decisions confirming available services and getting a general price list you should contact the funeral home. Townson rose funeral home obituaries

About the Townson-Rose Funeral Home

525 Highway 64 Business Hayesville, NC 28904
With a view, Embling, and a Tradionatly Service estimates prices for a Cremation
This service indicates the national average. For the actual pic sign please contact the funeral home.
Basic Services $1,950
Transportation of the deceased is $350
Enabling $700
Staff for viewing or visitation $400
Staff for funeral or memorial service $500
Cremation $300
Body Prep $250
Casket rental $1,000
Urn $300
Cremation Container $50
Flowers $300
Printed Programs
$ 150 the total time’s cost of it $6,250

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